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France T253 Sex Pills


France T253 Sex Pills


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The main features of France T253 Sex Pills:

1. France T253 Sex Pills is an original Chinese medicine but it is more effective than the chemicals.

2. The sex Pill can help the users to get more stronger, longer and thickneing penis.

3. It can be effective in 10 minutes and the effect last as long as 120 hours.

4. If the users who has prostate problem, the pills can help them to alleviate symptoms.

First of all, France T253 has a special effect on improving the kidney function and regulating the circulation of blood. Secondly, It can also strengthen the sex organs and other body functions to give a better sex life. Thirdly, It is also suitable for men with diabetes who cannot have erection for sexual intercourse. France T253 helps men with erection problems and keeps penis harder and longer. Furthermore, it helps men to stimulate sexual desire, reduce fatigue, build up confidence, and further maximize the pleasure with no harmful side effects that may possibly caused by western medicines.

Main Composition: Tibet the red flower,winter-worm summer-herb,snow lotus,snow deer whip,Tibet cow testicle,sea horse,etc…

Direction: Take one grain within 10 to 15 minutes before sexual activity to get a good effect.

Precaution: Do not take repeatedly within 48 hours.
Pack Size: 10 grains x 2000mg
Storage: Keep in a shade, sunshine proof and ventilated place. Keep away from Children.
Expiry Period: 3 years

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