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Huatuo Shengjing Sex Pill

Huatuo Shengjing Sex Pill



Huatuo Shengjing Sex Pill is produced by Hongkong Tianlong Organisms Technology(international) group company. Thoes who are lack of sex sperm can take this product.Huatuo Shengjing Sex Pill absorb the ingredients to cure sexual disorder. The product is made of all herbal and natural plants, so the users can take it safely without any side effects. Get the best wholesale price for the Chinese sex pill.

1. May increase penis length by up to 2.5 inches with continual use.
2. The users can feel a larger penis in a short time. solve the short penis effectively.
3. ​Noticeable improvements after the very first dose. The effect can last long for 120 hours.
4. Have good effect on prostate patients
5. Improves the physical and psychological aspects of libido and erection quality

Ingredients:Saffron, Cordyceps sinensis, snow lotus, cow testicle, yellow bull, deer antler, ginseng, Schisandra, medlar, rabbit wire son, Epimedium, Cistanche, longan, etc.

[Suitable Crowd]
early ejaculation, sexual disorder
week on sex desire, small penis, prostate patients.
[Specification] 2000mg*6 pcs/package
[Storage] Sealed and put in a cool and dry place
[Shelf Life] 3 years

[Usage] 1 pill per time before sleep, or 2-0-30 mins before intercourse. 3 days per pill for daily care!

1. Do no take more than 1 pill per time!
2. Drink more warm water when get erection many times!
3. Do not take twice within 24 hours.


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