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Huhushengwei Male Enhancement Capsule

Huhushengwei Male Enhancement Capsule



Usage and dosage: Take huhushengwei Male enhancement capsule one pill at a time

【Executive standard】Q / Cl (Chinese Si products) Specification] 3000mg / granule, 2 capsules, 9 small boxes / large boxes

【Shelf life】2 years

Technology provider: Elida biomedical research center, Hong Kong

Manufacturer: Hong Kong Elida Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Manufacturer: Qinghai Xining Elida Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Address: No.192, Renmin Road, Xining City

Usage and dosage: take huhushengwei capsule one minute at a time

【Approval No.】zwszz 2004 No. 0498

How dose the Huhushengwei Male enhancement capsule improve your sex ability?

Step 1:  The capsule contains the sex active element whih can wake up the cells inside the middle-aged and elderly people’s body, making each cell expand 18 times. If the users can keep taking the capsules for  35 days, the penis would be expand for 37 cm.

Step 2: To protect Normal sexual function. Hu Hu Sheng Wei capsule contains the sex active element which can nourish glands and clear the gland poison. The ingredients can also eliminate inflammation and protect the normal sexual function.

The third step is to increase the male hormone . Hu Hu Sheng Wei capsule scientific research confirmed that male hormone secretion gradually reduced after the age of 25. It is the main cause of male disease. Huhushengwei capsule can activate the hormone and secrete the system normally.




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