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Japan Tengsu Capsule FAQ


Japan Tengsu Capsule FAQ


Discount Per Quantity

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51 - 10030%$11.19


Japan Tengsu Capsule FAQ:
Japan Tengsu Capsule FAQ will let you know more details about the product. In this article, we will explain four useful tips for the product.
Firstly, Japan Tengsu Capsule can enhance the sex ability and prolong sex time. The product can delay the functional degradation of gonadal axis, prevent the change of sexual neurotransmitter in brain. Effectively improve the sexual desire, and enhance sexual pleasure, and prolong the sexual time.
Secondly, Strengthen erection, make the penis firm and powerful. Japanese Tengsu can activate nerve process and improve Spermatogenesis Function; increase testosterone secretion. And it will be suitable for those who can not erect normally or the erection is powerless.

Thirdly. Replenish qi and dredge collaterals, improve microcirculation. The ingredients in Japanese Tengsu can not only invigorate the kidney but also activate the blood. What is more, the prescription can improve the microcirculation of sponge tissue and increase the blood flow of penile cavernous body, which is characterized by penile hyperemia, expansion, expansion and hardness.
4. Improve immunity and physiological function. The product Japanese Tengsu can also promote the synthesis of protein, increase the level of testosterone, improve the weight index of accessory organs, restore the physiological function, and improve the immune function.

5. Cultivate yuan, strengthen Yang and generate essence. The ingredients contained in Japanese Tengsu not only have the effect of tonifying kidney and essence, but also have the effect of tonifying kidney and liver, benefiting essence and eyesight, strengthening muscles and bones, and taking it for a long time can prolong life. It also has the effects of regulating endocrine, maintaining brain tissue, reducing apoptosis of nerve cells, strengthening the body of Peiyuan and Promoting Yang and promoting essence.


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