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Japan Tengsu Male Enhancer


Japan Tengsu Male Enhancer



JAPAN TENGSU Male Enhancer for sale.
So you can get the best wholesale price and fatastic effects!

The product has been listed as one of top safe drugs by authority of Japan, so it has no toxic side effect.
It has been a most famous product in Japan.
Because the main ingredients of the product is all herbal raw matieral.
So its main component is from the Spinacia oleracea.
Japan Tengsu male enhancement Active Ingredients: Spinacia Oleracea Extract,Male Deer Penis,Extract,Starch, etc.
JAPAN TENGSU is pure natural and has no side effects and brings you confidence when have sexual life with you parter.
You could feel the great enjoyment during intercourse.

Japan Teng Su sex pills function:
Rapid arouse the male strong sex desire, and enhance sexual life quality and shorten the erection time, reduce fatigue.
And eliminate early premature ejaculation, activate kidney function, enhance the secretion semen cells.
So the Japan Tengsu sex pill is rich in a variety of male vigor factors required for long-term use.
Japan tengsu Effects: It’s the yang-strengthening product for man,sold best around the world.
Because Japan Tengsu Pills most effective herbal enhancer and boost kidney function quickly to help penis erection and prolong intercourse.
Applicable To:people suffering with sex importance, premature ejaculation,or poor sexual life,or poor erection.
Storage: Keep at 15-30 centigrade (50-86F) in a dry place.
Shelf Life: 5 years.
Specification: 0.5g* 16 tablets/ box.

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