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Libigrow Sex Capsule 25 Cards

Libigrow Sex Capsule 25 Cards



Libigrow Sex Capsule can improve your penis size through pushing more blood flow into the penis. It can be the treatment for erectile dysfunction, genital dysplasia, frail elderly kidney, penis atrophy, premature ejaculation as well as loss of libido.

The main function for Libigrow:
1. The ingredients can enter into the penis and regulate the interior expansion of blood vessel.
2. The capsule can help the users to get powerful and hard erection in 20-30 minutes after taking.
3. It will be helpful fot thoes who has early ejaculation problem. The ingredients will be effective to prolong sex time.
4. Penis size would be expanded both by width and length and the effect is permernant.

Ingredients: Cordyceps (mycelium) cordyceps sinensis, Flat-Stem Milkvetch (seed) astragalus complanatus, Chinese Dodder (seed) cuscuta chinensis, Ligustrum (fruit) ligustrum lucidum, Cnidium (fruit) cnidium monnieri, Cherokee Rose (fruit) rosa laveigata, Walnut (nut), Dong Quai (root) angelica sinensis, Astragalus (root) astragalus membranaceus, Schizandra (fruit) schisandra chinensis, Korean Ginseng.
Specification: 1 capsule*25 boxes/pack
1 capsule/time


1. Do not be hurried for achieving effect by takeing tooo much

2, After taking the product, in case of multiple erection or long- time duration without ejaculation, take nore cold boiled water to relieve the symptoms


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