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Maxman Sex Capsule


Maxman Sex Capsule



What is the main function for Maxman Sex Capsule:
10-30 days: The Maxman Sex Capsule starts to work in around 10 days after taking. The symptoms such as impotence and premature ejaculation will reduce. Take the capsule to enhance sexual desire obviously, sexual climax is enhanced, and sexual time is prolonged.
30-60 days: The users can feel the penis size obviously increased. Sexual life quality has been obviously improved.
60-90 days: Higher sex erection frequency and sexual ability will be improved in this period.
90-120 days: Endocrine returns to normal, morning puffs return, erection is durable, hard and powerful. Men can get erection as desired. Sex time can be lasted for more than 30 minutes.

Product specification: 60 tablets/bottle
Usage: 2 tablets/day
Treatment course: 1 course of treatment is 4 bottles (experts suggest buying 1 course of treatment)
Product storage: avoid light and moisture, Keep it in room temperature, away from children.
Specifications: 60 tablets/bottle
Instructions for Use: MAXMAN Sex Capsule can reach a better effect if the users tak it on an empty stomach before meals.
Take one pill twice a day. Do not crush or chew before swallowing. Swallow the capsule completely.
[Approval Document Number]: Hong Kong Wei Te Shi Zi (2006) No.018
[Implementation Standard]: NDC0069-6680-20
[manufacturer]: U.S.A Herba Group biotechnology center


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