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Vigour 800mg Sex Capsule


Vigour 800mg Sex Capsule


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What is Vigour 800mg Sex Capsule?

Vigour 800mg is a 100% Natural highly focused formula. It does not contain chemicals or medicines in composition. The Vigour 800mg Capsule is the essence of natural and animal, the high extraction of male impotence, premature ejaculation, there is a strong help and complement the fine kidney etc. This product contains marrow of plants and animals blended together to produce the best male enhancement supplement to be sold in the market today.

Vigour 800mg Sex Capsule effect:
-Allows an erection fast and consistent;
-Improves performance and sexual desire;
-Reduces fatigue, users can get frequent ejaculations
-Activates the kidney function
-Increases the testicular secretion
-Helps prevent prostate disease and similar illnesses.

Vigour 800mg Capsule have side effects or not?
The Vigour 800mg Sex Capsule will not bring any side effects as such headache, stomach problems, runny nose, or a certain face or inflame.

Can I take Vigour 800mg with alcoholic beverages or food?
Yes, you can. However, when mixing alcohol and Vigour 800mg may not get an erection effective. To obtain the best possible results, do not over drunk.

Disadvantages of Vigour 800mg Sex Capsule:
No clinical tests done for proving the claim
Without third party customer reviews. Although there are many feedback on the website, we can not sure about the authenticity.
No quantitative analysis of ingredients.

[Usage & Dosage]

Take one Vigour 800mg Capsule 10-30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Vigour 800mg is not supposed to be taken more often than once per day.
(drug effects last for 72 hours)

[Specification] 800mg*10 VAR Tablets per bottle

[Valid Period] 3 years

[Applicable group]
middle-aged or aged male and patients with sexual dysfunction.

Forbidden for female and under aged male;
Considerable for patients with heart disease or high blood pressure. The formula has not got the FDA approval.

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