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Zhengongfu Sex Capsule 1 Pack


Zhengongfu Sex Capsule 1 Pack


Discount Per Quantity

5 - 104%$3.15
11 - 208%$3.02
21 - 5016%$2.76
51 - 10030%$2.30


Made of 26 different kinds of nucleotide acid and ginseng glucoside, the Zhengongfu Sex Capsule can be absorbed quicky. The traditional Chinese sex capsule can help the users to get frequent erection in a short time. Made of all herbal and natural ingredients, so it will not bring any side effects. To try the sample order, you can get 1 pack of Zhengongfu Sex Capsule at a best wholesale price.

1. Restore energy and reproduces blood so the users can get frequent erection easily.
2. Improves the kidney function, solves impotence and the early ejaculation.
3. ZhenGongfu Sex Capsule will be suitable for thoes who are not satisfied the penis size.

Ginseng, lilac glucoside, garlic, lily, Chinese angelica, fruit of the Chinese wolfberry, aweto, Epimedium Leaf, merinda officinalis etc..

Usage and Amount: Take one (1) capsule 15 minutes before the sexual intercourse.

CAUTION: Please consult a physician before using this product. Do not use more than one capsule every 48 hours
**Effect varies with different people**

The Most Popular Men’s Health Product in China.

Advantages of Less Adverse Effects:
Quicker Effecting and Long Duration of Its Potency.
Activate the Growth Factor of Adrenal PDA Dilute and Replenish Semen
Bringing Multiple Injection Sand Multiple Climaxes
Generate and Replenish Semen Quickly After the Intercourse
Potency Lasts as Long as 180hrs.


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